[divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10989" align="alignnone" width="500"] 2016 Exhibition Award winner Linxiang WuFlux Gallery[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10988" align="alignnone" width="500"] 2016 Exhibition Award winner David Jaan2nd floor Passageway Gallery[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_11012" align="alignnone" width="500"] 2017 Exhibition Award Winner Orin LangelleUnderground Gallery[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10990" align="alignnone" width="500"] 2017 Exhibition Award winner Natalie DiIennoUnderground Gallery[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10994" align="alignnone" width="500"] CEPA teaching artist Michelle NeumannFocus Gallery[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10993" align="alignnone" width="500"] CEPA teaching artist Christian CoronadoFocus Gallery[/caption] [/one-half] [caption id="attachment_10992" align="alignnone" width="500"] Exterior Views: The Richardson Olmsted Complex, 2nd place winner Karen Streech3rd floor Passageway Gallery[/caption]

CEPA and the Valley Community Association collaborated on a program working with ten lovely young girls to identify positive role models in their lives. After choosing a role model they photographed them as well as wrote essays as to why they chose that person. The next part of the program focused on the girls themselves. They were asked to take self-portraits (as opposed to selfies), portraying what they find most beautiful about themselves, whether inside or out. The program culminated in a reading and exhibit at Valley and here at CEPA and a beautiful panel that includes the photo of the role model along with the self-portrait and essay. Keeli Shannon and Karen Lewis team-taught this 8-week program. This is the third time through with the Role Model Project, all of which have been funded by the WNY Women’s Foundation. Comments from girls about Role Model Project I think coming here has made me open my voice and be myself. This project helped me become more confident about my own thoughts and ideas. It taught me that I want to follow in my Mom’s footsteps because she is the manager of the IT department. -Haley This project helped me learn more about

TEEN PHOTO CLUB With CHRISTIAN CORONADO Date: December 3rd Time: 12:00p to 3:00p Teen Photo Club is an opportunity for young photographers to come together to share their passion for photography. Students will receive technical advice, constructive feedback on their photos, and they will get an opportunity to spend some time with other teens that share the same interest. These unique club sessions will take place on the first Saturday of every month. Fee: $10 (includes pizza!) Space is limited. Please RSVP to or 856-2717 ext. 22. Payments can be made day of. Facilitated by CEPA Gallery teaching artist, Christian Coronado and CEPA Gallery Education Director, Lauren Tent.

THE RICHARDSON CENTER CORPORATION AND CEPA GALLERY ANNOUNCE PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST WINNERS & EXHIBITION The Richardson Center Corporation and CEPA Gallery are delighted to announce the winners of the 2016 Richardson Olmsted Complex Photography Contest. The images will be presented in the CEPA Gallery exhibition, Exterior Views: The Richardson Olmsted Complex, on view from Friday, January 27th through March 4, 2017 at CEPA Gallery, 617 Main Street in the historic Market Arcade Building. The exhibition kicks off with an opening reception on Friday, January 27 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. Both the exhibition and the opening reception are free and open to the public. Over 50 photographs have been selected for display at CEPA Gallery in the exhibition Exterior Views: The Richardson Olmsted Complex. Three winning photographs were chosen: Towers (First Place, by Thomas Lavin of Orinda, CA), Curved Connection (Second Place, by Karen Streech of Buffalo, NY), and Snowy ROC (Third Place, by Dmitry Gudkov of Buffalo, NY). In addition to the gallery exhibition, all of the photos submitted will be shown on the web sites of both organizations, and in a video display at CEPA on opening night. [caption id="attachment_10897" align="alignnone" width="625"] 1st place, Towers, by Thomas Lavin[/caption] [caption id="attachment_10900" align="alignnone" width="500"] 2nd place, Curved

CEPA is proud to present work by our students in the 2016 Summer Camps. Animation, Darkroom and Digital Photo were offered for ages 8 to 17. In the Darkroom Camp, students used black and white film and learned to make traditional darkroom prints. In addition they used pinhole cameras and experimented with double exposures (putting two negatives together), solarization (a process where a partially developed print is exposed to light) and cyanotypes, a process that produces beautiful blue prints on watercolor paper. In the Digital Photography Camp they took field trips to City Hall, Canal Side and the Outer Harbor, developing their own creative photographic style while photographing our city’s architecture and waterfront views. In the Animation Camp, students created storyboards, and using paper cutouts, photographed their stories, adding music and titles in iMovie. You can see an exhibit of their work on view in CEPA’s Underground Gallery from September 16 to December 17, 2016. Join us for the opening reception on Friday, September 16 from 7:00 to 10:00. [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10832" align="alignnone" width="750"] Photo by Dan[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10834" align="alignnone" width="750"] Photo by Tara[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10836" align="alignnone" width="750"] Photo by Meena[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10838" align="alignnone" width="750"] Photo by Teagan[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10839" align="alignnone" width="750"] Photo by Niya[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10840" align="alignnone"

CEPA was so happy to be invited by Camp Centerland to do a specialty camp again this year. The weather was incredible, and the students were thrilled to wander the many acres of trails and creeks in Getzville. They got so many amazing photos! They also did cyanotypes and wrote about their photographs in journals.

YOU ARE INVITED TO ENTER A PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! Exterior Views: The Richardson Olmsted Complex Presented by CEPA Gallery and the Richardson Center Corporation Who May Enter: Contest participation is open to all who have taken photographs of the exterior of the Richardson Olmsted Complex -- either on an official photography tour of the Richardson Olmsted Complex, or at any other time. Volunteer Richardson Center Corporation docents who were not part of the planning of this contest are eligible to enter. How it Works: There are four categories for contest photographs, and any photograph of the buildings or grounds may be labeled as entries in a single category: Categories are: * Details and Abstractions * Juxtapositions * Patterns and Textures * Light and Dark • Photographers may submit up to four digital photographs taken outside the Richardson Olmsted Complex. There can be four in a single category, or spread across categories. • Approximately fifty photographs will be selected for exhibition in Exterior Views: The Richardson Olmsted Complex. • CEPA Gallery will print and mount selected photographs on foam core. • Three awards will be given for the show overall: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, as well as honorable mentions. • CEPA Gallery will host a public opening reception for the exhibition in January, 2017 at CEPA Gallery, 617 Main

CEPA Gallery is proud to announce the purchase of ten student artworks by the Alliance Art Committee of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. This will be the 2nd time photos from CEPA’s youth program have been purchased by the Art Committee. The students from CEPA’s after-school program at Highgate Heights Elementary, McKinley High School and Summer Photo Camps will each receive awards of $75.00 in addition to the honor of being selected to be in the permanent art collection of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The ten photographs are beautiful 16 by 20 inch color digital prints, selected from hundreds of images created during CEPA Gallery’s award-winning arts education program from 2015. These photographs will enhance the quality of life for patients and families for years to come. [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10656" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Abril[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10665" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Z-Nyi[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10664" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Sophie[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10663" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Odrianna[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10662" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Jillian[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10661" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Ja'nyia[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10660" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Jane[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10659" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Erykah[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] [one-half] [caption id="attachment_10658" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Carly[/caption] [/one-half] [one-half last] [caption id="attachment_10657" align="alignnone" width="667"] Photo by Anakin[/caption] [/one-half] [divider] For over 20 years, CEPA Gallery

CEPA and the Valley Community Association collaborated on a program working with eight girls to identify positive role models in their lives. After choosing a role model they photographed (learning how to use SLR cameras and strobe lights) them as well as wrote essays as to why they chose that person. The next part of the program focused on the girls themselves. They were asked to take self-portraits (as opposed to selfies), showing what they find most beautiful about themselves, whether inside or out. The program culminated in a reading and exhibit at Valley. Nikki Gorman and Karen Lewis team taught this program. Here are some quotes from their essays: This project made me realize that me and my dad have a very important relationship. I also realized that I really love photography. I loved being able to take pictures of my dad when he was laughing, to catch him at the right moment so that you really can get a feeling of the picture. I liked writing about all my different role models and narrowing it down. I am very fortunate to have more than one person to pick from. Taking the pictures of my dad really inspired me to

CEPA is pleased to present Resemblance and Representation, an exhibition of photographs and digital works by multi-disciplinary artist Frank O’Connor. This exhibition will run from January 29 — March 5, 2016. RESEMBLANCE AND REPRESENTATION: FRANK O'CONNOR AT CEPA by Jack Foran of The Public Buffalo / Feb. 17, 2016 Some of Frank O’Connor’s photos currently on display at CEPA seem plain and straightforward enough. Some often quite spectacular aerial views of urban built environment, and some nature images. Others are harder to figure. One looks a little like stir-fry. Another like rice noodles in close-up. But it’s the apparently plain and straightforward ones you have to watch out for. Watch out for tricks. One of the more spectacular photos—an aerial view of a huge stretch of the West Side, looking toward downtown—Niagara Street, the canal, Unity Island, toward the Erie Basin Marina and Coast Guard Station lighthouse in the distance—can clue you in to the kind of trickery. A wonderful photo, grand-scale, sepia-toned. But then as you gaze at it—admire it—gradually you perceive—begin to perceive—something’s amiss. Not quite right. Where’s the Peace Bridge? You think, it must be just out of frame. But no, it should be right in the middle of the picture, south of Unity Island, north of