One Night Only: Life at the Chasm

One Night Only: Life at the Chasm

Buffalo, NY, – June  7, 2023

Please join us this Friday, June 9th, 2023 from 5-8 PM in the Underground Gallery for the premiere of’s newest installation, Life at the Chasm. Led by Creative Director Rafael Bicalho and Producer Kristian Bouw, the exhibition continues’s tradition of exploring rich sensory and visual narratives through film and experimental media. This event will be at CEPA for one night only, so make sure you check it out this Friday before it’s gone.

Creative Director Rafael Bicalho describes Life at the Chasm as an abstract representation of the genesis and evolutionary journey of life. This concept is visualized through the art of simulated cells — each carrying a unique set of characteristics, grouping, dividing, reforming, and constantly evolving, echoing the intricate dance of life itself. Through Life at the Chasm, Bicalho has expertly woven his creative vision into an intricate tapestry of life’s beginnings and evolution that so eloquently illuminates life’s relentless pursuit of survival and its inherent adaptability, encapsulating these themes in an artistic representation that is both thought-provoking and visually stunning

“In the dance of life depicted in Life at the Chasm, every cell cluster tells its own beautiful story of struggle, adaptation, and transformation,” muses Kristian Bouw, producer at “We hope that each viewer will see the intertwining narratives of existence, discovering within the layers of our art a mirror that reflects their own unique journey. This exhibition is not just a testament to the complexity of life—it’s a celebration of its ineffable beauty and resilience.” is the creative arm of the award-winning agency Notiontheory. With a focus on rich sensory and visual narratives, explores new dimensions of creativity through film, games, music, and experimental media.


Curtis Kreutter