Fellowship Program

CEPA Gallery Exterior Photo

FUJIFILM Foundations of Creation Fellowship Program:

Hired through a generous sponsorship from FUJIFILM, these paid fellows will be working jointly as a task-force, and collaborate to contribute to the continued success, growing visibility, and propagation of CEPA’s education and exhibition programs. Currently, we have funding for 3 positions: 

  • Marketing Fellow: this fellow’s efforts will focus on growing public awareness, disseminating information, and sharing success stories through digital media marketing and press relations. Tasks will include developing press packages, creating blog entries/newsletters to our members and donors, planning of social media posts, and aggregating a history of press coverage for the program. 
  • Community Outreach Fellow: this fellow will help plan outreach to residents, partner organizations, and businesses for the program, represent CEPA on the ground at community events, and act as an ambassador to help build organizational partnerships. Working in conjunction with the marketing and education fellows, this person will also contribute to publicity and visibility efforts for the program and development activities.
  • Education Fellow: Acting as the liaison between the students and teachers involved in the Photography Works program and the Fuji Fellows team, this person will assist in the success of the education services provided through the program by participating in student recruitment and planning efforts before the beginning of the program, provide support to the teachers and education for students during the school year, as well as collecting images and stories about the activities to showcase our successes.

For CEPA, championing diversity in artistic communities is part of our roots. It involves taking action by making educational opportunities available in all communities, and empowering and promoting diverse artists in our galleries. Our commitment to inclusion spans across race, gender, age, religion, identity, cognitive ability, and experience. We hold ourselves accountable to make hiring decisions based on merit, and look for staff who have passion for the work and a willingness to grow with us. We act to strengthen our community by helping to make individuals successful and creating a place for all artists who wish to have a voice to not just be heard but to thrive.

*To support this goal, CEPA encourages Photography Works Program Alumni and ASI’s Art Access Pass recipients to apply first. We will also hold a Q&A/Educational Workshop on resumes, job application materials, and interviewing skills to help you put your best foot forward in your application.  If you need internet or computer access to apply for this position, you can request access to CEPA’s computer lab for free.

All positions are filled for 2021

Hours: 8h per week Tuesday through Saturday for 16 weeks renewable for a second 16 week semester based on interest and availability.

Thank you to FUJIFILM for this amazing opportunity!