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Photography Classes

CEPA’s photography classes and workshops cover a variety of subjects for students of all ages and skill levels.

Take a class with us! Learn all about photography including film photography, digital photography, darkroom, photoshop, studio lighting, and more.

Upcoming Photography Classes & Workshops

Mobile Darkroom

The Mobile Darkroom introduces students to a mode of image making that has vanished from our everyday experience of photography. Material photography is hands-on, it teaches patience and problem solving, rewards experimentation and connects students with the science and magic of light, water and chemical reaction, the natural phenomena that make photography work.

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CEPA’s Signature Arts Education Programs

in school education program

Photography is a powerful tool of communication and self-expression. It is an art form that is accessible to all ages and abilities.

CEPA creates unique programs using photography, technology and the literary arts to awaken curiosity and creative thinking. Our classes are taught by talented and dedicated local artists who are passionate about teaching art and empowering people to find their voice.

At CEPA people from all walks of life come together to interact and learn from one another in a safe and welcoming environment. Students have unlimited access to CEPA’s darkroom, digital lab and photo studio. They are offered many opportunities to stay engaged with CEPA and photography, often becoming mentors and teaching artists.

Our classes and workshops offer a variety of subjects for students of all ages and skill levels. We also offer custom workshops for four or more people as well as one to one tutoring.

In addition to our signature arts education programs, we develop customized projects to meet the specific needs of schools, groups, and communities. Read on to discover the variety of arts education programs that CEPA provides to people of all ages—and find out how you can get involved.

Michelle Obama - Community Arts and After School Programs - Arts Education - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

After School Art Programs 

Recognized by Michelle Obama with a 2013 National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award, CEPA’s nationally celebrated community arts programs create opportunities for children throughout Buffalo and Western New York to come together and learn in a unique and supportive arts education environment.

Under the instruction of our teaching artists, students of all ages engage in film photography, digital photography, pinhole cameras, darkroom printing, digital graphic design, animation, creative writing and bookmaking.

Field Trips to CEPA - Arts Education - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Field Trips to CEPA

CEPA provides free tours of our galleries for school and community groups. If you can stay for awhile, take one or all of our workshops for a small fee.

Students visiting CEPA will see a variety of photographic art. Often the images are challenging in a way that stretches the mind.

Art Programs in Schools

CEPA’s art programs in schools are tailored to specific classroom curriculum and designed with a particular focus or subject area. Interdisciplinary in nature, these projects expand upon students’ understanding of language arts, science, social studies and technology.

Working with teachers, CEPA’s exciting art programs educate students of all ages and abilities about the arts, as well as engage them with their community and their world.

special needs class

Alternative Perspectives: Special Needs Arts Programs

Photography is an art form that is accessible to individuals of all ages and abilities. CEPA is honored to partner with some of the best organizations in Buffalo to bring arts education to people with special needs—whether developmental, social, or otherwise.

Participants study and practice a variety of photographic processes, including black-and-white film photography, digital photography, darkroom printing techniques, digital graphic design, creative writing . . . and more!

Youth Summer Art Programs - Arts Education - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Youth Summer Art Programs

CEPA summer art programs are a blast! Students learn the art and science behind photography, experimenting in both the darkroom and computer lab.

There are classes for 8-12 year olds as well as teenagers and they run for a full week, half day. There is something for everyone, beginners as well as advanced.

Due to COVID-19, Big Orbit Project Space is temporarily closed to the public.
As of August 8, 2020, CEPA Gallery (including the FLUX Gallery, the darkroom, and the digital photo lab) has reopened with restrictions.

In order to continue to serve our members and the public while adhering to social distancing and other safety guidelines during these unprecedented times, all other activities are currently online only.