Art Programs in Schools

in school arts program

CEPA’s art programs in schools are tailored to specific classroom curriculum and designed with a particular focus or subject area. Interdisciplinary in nature, these projects expand upon students’ understanding of language arts, science, social studies and technology.

Working with teachers, CEPA’s exciting art programs educate students of all ages and abilities about the arts, as well as engage them with their community and their world.

CEPA is proud to be providing arts education in schools through partnerships with Buffalo Public Schools, Buffalo Charter Schools, private and Parochial Schools.

Together, we can put together a customized arts program that suits the needs of your youth, your community, and your budget.

Due to COVID-19, Big Orbit Project Space is temporarily closed to the public.
As of August 8, 2020, CEPA Gallery (including the FLUX Gallery, the darkroom, and the digital photo lab) has reopened with restrictions.

In order to continue to serve our members and the public while adhering to social distancing and other safety guidelines during these unprecedented times, all other activities are currently online only.

Darron Whitsett - Testimonial - Arts Education - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Darron Whitsett

Featured CEPA Graduate

A former student of one of CEPA’s many art programs in schools, Darron Whitsett participated in a photojournalism program where students created a newspaper from the ground up. He later joined ArtWorks!, one of CEPA’s after school programs. During the year-long advanced photography course, students worked with all of CEPA’s artists in residence—learning and working in their style, exhibiting their work throughout Buffalo, and producing a personal catalogue at the end of the program.

“CEPA’s art programs helped shape my life in so many positive ways. The things I learned then are the foundation of what I do today. They have afforded me the chance to travel and be creative, a dream I have had since I was a child . . . a dream that CEPA’s program gave me a framework for. For that I will be forever grateful.”

Darron is a professional photographer, designer, and artist.  Visit his website.

Design Your CEPA In School Arts Program

Art Programs in Schools - Arts Education - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Bring a CEPA arts program to your community for a unique learning experience.

To discuss a customized in school arts program that suits the needs of your youth, your community, and your budget, contact Nate Ely, our Education Director: