Photography Works (2020)

Student Artists of Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Photography Works is a yearlong program that provides 10 students who have a serious interest in photography with in-depth instruction and mentoring.

During the program, they visit working photographers and artists in their studios and have the opportunity to assist in teaching youth classes or assisting on photo shoots. They gain advanced camera skills with unlimited access to CEPA’s darkroom, digital photo lab, and studio space as they explore related careers and interact with professionals. They also received Canon Rebel cameras that they get to keep.

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Students were meant to have a final exhibition of their work at CEPA Gallery, but due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty around when CEPA might be able to open, you can view their photos on bus shelters throughout the city.

Exhibit Locations

Exhibit Dates

Saturday, August 8, 2020
Monday, August 31, 2020

Free to the public

The Artist & Images for Photography Works 2020

Lamar Ashford
Lamar Ashford - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Lamar Ashford

Lamar Ashford became interested in photography when his grandmother gave him a Polaroid camera on his sixth birthday. In 7th grade he joined the school newspaper and really started expressing himself with photos. He likes how one photo can tell a whole story. He sees photography as a possible career in the future, as an up and coming artist. A photographer that inspires him is Mikael Owunna, but his all time favorite artist is Leonardo da Vinci.

Lamar goes to Middle Early College High School in Buffalo. His favorite subjects are science and art. Besides photography, Lamar likes to draw, redesign clothes and he recently got into gaming. When he graduates he will have an associates degree in business and would like to continue in college and study art. In the future he would like to travel to the UK, Dubai, Indonesia and Rome. Lamar currently works at Elderwood Assisted Living in Tonawanda.

Photos © 2020 Lamar Ashford. All rights reserved.

Angel Barber
Angel Barber - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Angel Barber

Angel Barber lives in Buffalo and graduated from Frederick Law Olmsted in 2020. His favorite subjects are Psychology and Art. He works at Teen Reality Theatre under the education branch of Planned Parenthood as a peer educator. One of his inspirations is Amy Winehouse. He got into photography because he enjoys capturing still moments. He loves abstract photography and sees himself working in film in the future.

He plans on going to Buffalo State College to major in film and minor in African American studies. Angel also loves poetry and screenwriting. In the future he would love to travel to Germany.

Photos © 2019–2020 Angel Barber. All rights reserved.

Hope Grunert
Hope Grunert - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Hope Grunert

Hope Grunert was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. She attended Frederick Law Olmsted from kindergarten all the way up to her senior year of high school. In the fall she will be attending SUNY New Paltz and plans to double major in photography and digital media and journalism.

Her love for photography started at a young age. She could always be found running around capturing photos of her dogs or sunsets out the bedroom window. When she started getting involved with CEPA Gallery and began learning more about photography, her love for making pictures grew and it became a very serious part of her life. Her ultimate goal for after college is to be someone who can help others tell their stories through both images and words. Other than photography she loves her two dogs, watching Friends, playing soccer, traveling, and the Boston Red Sox.

You can check out some of Hope’s photos on her Instagram page, @hope.photos_.

Photos © 2019–2020 Hope Grunert. All rights reserved.

Chase Kunz
Chase Kunz - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Chase Kunz

Chase Kunz is a 2020 graduate from Hamburg High School. In the fall she will be attending the University at Buffalo to study Art Therapy. In addition to being a photographer, Chase is also a painter and enjoys other forms of art.

Photos © 2019–2020 Chase Kunz. All rights reserved.

Joseph Poloncarz
Joseph Poloncarz - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Joseph Poloncarz

Joseph Poloncarz is a film photographer and hockey player in Buffalo, New York. He first came to CEPA in 2012 for a photography program through Autism Services. He became really interested in the darkroom and over the years taught himself a lot about film, chemistry and all things darkroom. Fast forward to 2018, he started assistant teaching for CEPA summer camps. In 2019, while interning at CEPA through City Honors, he taught his first photography class to young students from his alma mater, Autism Services.

He is currently playing for Broken Sticks Hockey as a winger/center and knows how to score. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 and suffered depression since high school. Playing ice hockey and photographing helped him battle his mental health issues. He received a Distinguished Alumni award for professionalism from Autism Services in October 2019.

Photos © 2019–2020 Joseph Poloncarz. All rights reserved.

Liamis Ramirez
Liamis Ramirez - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Liamis Ramirez

Liamis Ramirez lives in Buffalo and attends Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts. Her favorite subjects in school are Math and Science. She was encouraged by her mother to take up photography and was introduced to CEPA. She likes to photograph nature and weird or unique objects. Besides photography, she likes to do other forms of art and crafts and also enjoys reading poetry.

She sees photography as a creative outlet and a form of self-expression in addition to recording fond memories. She hopes to incorporate it into her future plans for college and her hopes to travel all over the world.

Photos © 2019–2020 Liamis Ramirez. All rights reserved.

Parker Schultz
Parker Schultz - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Parker Schultz

Parker Schultz is a 15-year-old photographer from Clarence who has been coming to CEPA Gallery for several years. Parker believes that photography is a way of self-expression. It is a way to show how you feel without using words. He first started taking pictures with an iPod touch around his yard. He mostly photographs everyday objects from different angles to make them more interesting.

Photos © 2019–2020 Parker Schultz. All rights reserved.

Spencer Shafer
Spencer Shafer - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Spencer Shafer

Spencer Shafer is a 2020 graduate of Orchard Park High School. He always loved art classes and really anything that wasn’t the 4 core subjects. He currently works at a little restaurant called Homegrown Bistro. Spencer has always been really into music and when he started following bands he would see photos from their shows and think, “Hey, I could do that.” One band he really loves is called Waterparks and they stood out because their photographer is one of their best friends and always tours with them. Spencer plans to make photographing bands his career and one of his inspirations is photographer Jawn Rocha.

Spencer will be going to ECC in the spring, skipping the fall semester to work and avoid COVID-19 restrictions. In the future, he would like to travel everywhere, literally. In addition to photography, Spencer likes to paint, create things and take care of his many houseplants. Visit him on his Instagram page, @spncr.js.

Photos © 2019–2020 Spencer Shafer. All rights reserved.

Ella Slomba
Ella Slomba - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Ella Slomba

Ella Slomba is an aspiring activist, writer, and photographer. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, the teenager is trying to pursue her passion for photography. She is still learning all the “tricks to the trade” with the help of CEPA Gallery. She hopes to go to school, and eventually make a place for herself in the world of photography. From talking people into being her models, to trying to get outside when it’s snowing, Ella is committed to reaching her dream.

Photos © 2019–2020 Ella Slomba. All rights reserved.

Bradley Zubek
Bradley Zubek - Photography Works 2020 - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

Bradley Zubek

Bradley Zubek attends West Seneca West Senior High School. He became interested in photography when he took his first class with CEPA Gallery. Over the years he has learned a lot and has been exposed to all different kinds and styles of photography. He doesn’t have a specific subject that he likes to shoot because his photography style is constantly evolving and changing. He shoots whatever catches his eye and likes portraiture as well.

After high school, Bradley hopes to attend school for fashion, whether it’s design or marketing he doesn’t know yet. Other things he like besides photography is drawing, embroidery, and he loves clothes. He loves that fashion and photography are similar in a way because they are both visual representations of your creativity and view and they allow you to express yourself and show how you feel. He see himself using photography in the future whether it’s involved in a career or a creative outlet. One day Bradley hopes to travel and take pictures all over the world.

Photos © 2019–2020 Bradley Zubek. All rights reserved.

Sponsors for Photography Works 2020

Photography Works 2020 Sponsors - CEPA Gallery - Buffalo NY

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