CEPA Gallery Receives 2-year Warhol Foundation Grant

CEPA Gallery Receives 2-year Warhol Foundation Grant

CEPA Gallery is pleased to announce its receipt of a $100,000 grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to support our 2015-2017 visual arts programming.

The Warhol Foundation has been a major funding partner for CEPA Gallery since 1999, providing key support for the gallery’s large thematic exhibitions, residencies and publications.

In 2001 CEPA was invited to join the Warhol Initiative. The Warhol Initiative was an invitational program that concluded in 2012. It was designed to bolster the organizational capacity of small and mid-sized, artist-centered organizations across the country. Historically under-funded, these groups serve as vital breeding grounds for artistic experimentation, professional development and community engagement with art. The Initiative provided 64 participants with cash grants of approximately $175,000, professional consulting services, and triennial conferences that brought the groups’ leaders together for networking, workshops and training sessions with each other and non-profit management consultants.

We are extremely proud of our ongoing partnership with the Warhol Foundation, certainly for the funding it provides us, but more importantly because their dedication to working artists, scholarly presentation of contemporary visual art, curatorial research, and freedom of expression aligns with our core mission.

Warhol support will fund, among other things, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, an exhibition of a recently published conceptual photo essay by current Guggenheim Fellow Gregory Halpern and his partner Ahndraya Parlato, as well as the ambitious Place Relations: Identity in Contemporary Israeli and Arab Avant-Garde Art, a two-part exhibition of contemporary avant-garde photographic, video, media installation, and sound art by Israeli and Arab artists.

Thank you Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts!

Lauren Tent