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Welcome to Photoshop: Photo Restoration


A 1-Day Class
Saturday, February 19
All Ages

Breathe new life into old photographs and film slides while getting to know some of what the wide world of photoshop has to offer. We will be taking advantage of the great things offered at the CEPA computer lab and we will learn how to operate film scanners, introduce key photoshop tools and play around with techniques involved with coloration and fixing torn edges etc. Participants are encouraged to bring any of the following: black and white or colored photos, 35mm slides or negatives.

Workshop Location

CEPA Gallery

Limited Availability

This workshop is limited to 4 students

Dates & Times
February 19, 12:00pm-3:00pm
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Meet the Teaching Artist

Meet the Teaching Artist

Andy Krzystek

Andy Krzystek is Native to the Buffalo/Niagara region and received his BFA in Printmaking from the University at Buffalo. His work is based in drawing, print and mixed media, with a heavy lean towards mark-making, typography, and the human figure. Having a blind faith in curiosity and a fascination with error he is always learning (whether he likes it or not) and shows a sense of understanding in his work rather than pushing an agenda.