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Odyssey | Warriors Come Home: Combat Veterans Photograph Life After War (2020)


Through photography, combat veterans explore their journey back from war. Thirty-seven veterans participated in The Odyssey Workshops, a year long collaborative photography project led by artist Brendan Bannon and Marine Scout/Sniper Julian Chinana. This book explores the endless journey home from war in images that reveal the veterans’ challenges and victories over circumstances.

“There is anguish here, and joy, resilience, pain and courage, and experimentation of all sorts with form in the pursuit of discoveries that might make lives better, or at least more vividly real. Here we witness an odyssey of self-introspection, of battles fought and those still being fought. And they resonate.”

~Fred Ritchin, Dean Emeritus, International Center of Photography

“This is one of the great photo books about the experience of war, one like no other. Every contributor to Odyssey|Warriors Come Home has been there, on the ground. They all came back, bearing memories and deep feelings. These photographs tell us what words could not. They tell us what it was like to have been the warrior, the care-giver, and the person back home when there are no words to express what happened.”

~Bruce Jackson
SUNY Distinguished Professor & James Agee Professor of American Culture
Co-director, SUNY Buffalo Creative Arts Initiative

● Soft bound : 176 pages full color
● ISBN 978-0-939784-35-6
● Product Dimensions : 10 x 9/16 x 8 inches
● Publisher : CEPA Gallery (December 2020)
● Language : English

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Read More About the Book

Read More About the Book

Compelling photographs, all made by the veterans, offer a collective glimpse into the life changing experiences of combat, love, loss and regeneration. An essay by Brendan Bannon describes the genesis of the project and the concentric circles of impact of the work. A foreword by Julian Chinana explores the role of art and creativity in understanding and healing trauma.

“If you have come home from war or loved someone who has, you will recognize the intimate details of that journey in these pages. However, these images are not just for combat veterans. They enable anyone who has experienced trauma and growth to see their own journey rendered with empathy in the experience of others.”
-Brendan Bannon

Brendan Bannon: Founder and Director of the Odyssey Project. Bannon is a professional photographer and educator. His work on refugee life has been exhibited at the MoMA and at the Triennale di Milano. As the founder of, Bannon has created collaborative photography projects with marginalized communities worldwide.

Julian Chinana: Co-Teacher of the Odyssey Workshops at CEPA Gallery. As a photographer, Chinana has explored his experiences in the Marine Corps to visually represent his personal emotions and memories of combat. His work comments on the human element of war, the people behind the uniforms, and the complex effects of post-traumatic stress.