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Guide to Street Photography


A 2-Day Class
Saturday, December 3
Saturday, December 10
Ages 16+

A 2-Day Photography Class for Ages 16+

Vicente Rondon is a portrait and documentary photographer from Buffalo, New York with 20 years of experience in image making. Over the last 10 years Vicente has specifically focused on making images of strangers that he encounters through travel or local treks. In order to better build an understanding of the people within his own community and individuals of intrigue elsewhere he gravitates towards the overlooked, underappreciated, or those lost within the calamity of being a “passerby”.

In this two day workshop Vicente will go over and compare the thought process and methods that have been successful for him as a street photographer to better help you move forward in your desire to explore the genre. Day One will encompass the equipment, technique and approaches to street photography, inspiration and style, as well as discuss the philosophy and ethical concerns surrounding the genre. The class will close with a photowalk for students to practice what they’ve learned. Day Two is a shorter class where students return with their work to discuss image selection/curation, a basic review of editing, and a group critique.


CEPA Education Center

Date & Time

Saturday,  December 3
Saturday, December 10
1:30pm–3:30 p.m.

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