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Crocodile Tears – Douglas Huebler (1985)


Crocodile Tears features a selection of photographs, taken from Huebler’s Variable Piece no. 70 (in which the artist aimed to “photographically document the existence of everyone alive”), and found knock-offs of works by Van Gogh, Matisse, and Degas, to illustrate a disjointed screenplay involving a number of fictitious characters dealing in high-end art forgery. The cast includes Richard Decker, a “signature artist” cranking out salable objects to pay the mortgage; Arthur Lord, known as “the great corrector” for his ability to flawlessly replicate the works of the old masters without their original “mistakes”; and Alec Gregory, a con-artist who sells knock-offs of famous paintings to unsuspecting collectors. Huebler’s parable is a witty and dark reflection on art-market politics and a compelling exploration of the problematics of authorship and authenticity.

● Staple bound : 44 pages black & white
● ISBN 0-939784-13-0
● Product Dimensions : 11 x 8.5 inches
● Publisher : Albright Knox and CEPA Gallery (1985)
● Language : English

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