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Capturing the View: A Camera Obscura Workshop


A 1-Day Workshop
May 15, 2021
All ages

A 1-Day Photography Class for All Ages

Build your own Camera Obscura at home using everyday objects. Using any kind of lens (eye glasses, magnifying glass, or even a pinhole cut from cardboard) learn to photograph the projected image inside your Camera Obscura. You won’t need any supplies or access to a darkroom. You can use any camera you have for this, including your phone! This is a fun group project, so feel free to have your family or housemates join in at no additional charge.

Workshop Location


Limited Availability

This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Date & Time

Saturday, May 15
10:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m.

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Meet the Teaching Artists

Meet the Teaching Artists

Alex Cassetti

Alex Cassetti is a photographic artist working in the Finger Lakes Region in Central NY. Alex received his BFA in Photography in 2016 from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and spent time studying at the Royal College of Art in London. Alex is interested in finding new ways of making images that are pushing the boundary of what contemporary photography is today. His work has been shown in various galleries in New York City and in London UK. He has also been published by Vogue Italia and the Impression Magazine.
Visit Alex’s site.

Wes Winters

Wes Winters is a designer and artist based in Philadelphia, PA. Wes received his BFA in graphic design from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 2018. His work is an intersection of type and photo collage, Alex and Wes have been collaborating to get an analog and hands on experience in making images. Learn more about Wes.