Together We Can Carry the Weight, a solo exhibition by Buffalo-born and Brooklyn-based Zack Boehler

Presented as an open house for the Foundations Corporation — a medical company specializing in large-scale weights attached to the body — visitors will be exposed to an immersive experience that offers an alternative history to our own. Through large mixed media sculptures, video, and a series of documents, along with opening night performers, Boehler will create a world that offers a different view of the way class and economics effects the individual in modern society.

This multi-disciplinary installation, bordering on immersive theatre, marks an important advancement in the artistic practice of Buffalo-born artist Zack Boehler. Come witness Big Orbit Project Space be transformed into an alternate universe that draws upon the dystopian sci-fi of Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, and Anthony Burgess, while also nodding to the cinematic tradition born out of this literary genre.

Exhibit Location

Big Orbit 
30 Essex Street
Buffalo, NY 14213

Exhibit Dates

Opening Reception 
Friday, November 4, 2016

November 4-January 8, 2017



About the Foundation Corporation:

The Foundations Corporation, your partner in federally mandated appendages, is happy to announce an open exhibition to explore where we have been and where we are going. Public outcry has grown in the years since the 1976 Federal Department of Mandated Appendages announcement declaring the expiration of any exceptions to the Federal Mandated Appendages Act. We have been on a long road as a civilization since that time to understand how we can display our burden without further hindering our daily lives.

Since our establishment as the sole provider of appendages, we have worked hard to perfect the burden you must carry. Through expanded testing and screenings we have been able to more aptly determine each person’s encumbrance and properly enforce larger burdens on those deemed to carry it.

On November 4th, we would like to invite you to be our guest at Big Orbit, a CEPA Gallery project space, as we explore real appendages worn by citizens and unveil some of the new technologies in appendage design. We are very excited to announce that no longer will we need to carry oddly shaped and assembled appendages. Instead we have developed a cleaner production technique allowing individuals to have a much more simple design in their burden displays.

These new appendages are further enhanced with additional features to make your adherence to FDMA law simpler. Gone are the days when we need to wake up to strap bulky appendages to ourselves. Instead, new magnetic inserts will create seamless connections to the body, and connection via GPS systems will remove the need to watch the clock, as appendages will remain attached throughout all mandated hours of the day. These features will also help us as a society and the FDMA find and prosecute delinquents who prefer to demean the cooperative nature of our burdens and disregard FDMA law.

Please be our guest November 4th and help the Foundations Corporation streamline your future!