Thank you for your interest in THE ODYSSEY PROJECT. This first-of-its-kind program has not only been a great experience for the veterans, but it has produced some incredible art to help the broader community understand the journey of veterans.

For CEPA Gallery, it’s a project unlike any that has come before. It began as a desire to give veterans a new way of communicating their feelings and experiences. It has grown tremendously this year in scope and influence. Six months of back-to-back workshops were just the beginning for Brendan Bannon and the small CEPA Gallery staff. Many of the veterans simply did not want to stop the process, even after their scheduled workshops had ended.

Brendan continued meeting with interested veterans to share his knowledge while spending the summer curating thousands of images into a four-story exhibition. In preparation for the September opening many of the veterans and additional community members gathered to sew together the life-size self-portraits that are hanging in the atrium of the Market Arcade.

The Buffalo News continues to showcase the valuable work and The New York Times released a story on Veterans Day. The exhibition has been extended until December 28, 2019, and we are continuing to seek funds to complete the exhibition catalog.

CEPA Gallery could not be prouder of this program and with your help we can continue to strengthen our capacity to offer extraordinary programs like THE ODYSSEY PROJECT.