Buffalo Skyway Exhibition (2019)

Skyway Photo Contest and Exhibition

The Skyway has existed as an iconic landmark in downtown Buffalo since opening in 1955 as a major transportation artery into and around the city. At 1.4 miles long and 110 feet high at its highest point, this elevated highway begins at the Inner Harbor downtown, crosses the Buffalo River and levels off at the Outer Harbor and continues on as Route 5. It is a unique structure with outstanding views of Buffalo and Lake Erie and with its majestic size and monumental presence, the Skyway is as much a part of the city landscape as are the downtown buildings on one side and the grain elevators on the other.

To celebrate its uniqueness,  CEPA Gallery asked photographers to artistically capture images of this iconic structure for a special Skyway exhibition with cash prizes. Over 50 works were selected for the exhibit with many more projected digitally on a large video monitor in the gallery. Exhibit opened January 11, 2019.

Photo by Jason Agnello
Best Drone Photo: Jason Agnello
Photo by Matthew Digati
Best B&W: Matthew Digati
Photo by Linda Gellman
Best Color: Linda Gellman
Photo by Hope Grunert
Best Student: Hope Grunert
Photo by Cheryl Gorski
Best of Show: Cheryl Gorski
Photo by Ernesto Yu
Ernesto Yu
Photo by Elaine Kessel
Elaine Kessel
Photo by Addison Bart
Addison Bart
Photo by Angelo Daluisio
Angelo Daluisio
Photo by Deborah Ritch
Deborah Ritch
Photo by Bruce Jackson
Bruce Jackson
Photo by Dave Jones
Dave Jones
Photo by Daniel Syracuse
Daniel Syracuse
Photo by Donna Jordan Dusel
Donna Jordan Dusel
Photo by Dominic Yu
Dominic Yu
Photo by James A. Knoll
James A. Knoll
Photo by Earl Aragona
Earl Aragona
Photo by Paul C. Holmwood
Paul C. Holmwood
Photo by Kimberly Holtyn
Kimberly Holtyn
Photo by Jeremy Schuh
Jeremy Schuh
Photo by Jesse Skubis
Jesse Skubis
Photo by John R. Witt
John R. Witt
Photo by John Crump
John Crump
Photo by Karen Streech
Karen Streech
Photo by John Jiles
John Jiles
Photo by Kim Sholly
Kim Sholly
Photo by Jeffrey T. Barnes
Jeffrey T. Barnes
Photo by Kristen Lipp
Kristen Lipp
Photo by Jeannine Swallow
Jeannine Swallow
Photo by Lukia Costello
Lukia Costello
Photo by Mark J. Iszkiewicz
Mark J. Iszkiewicz
Photo by Matthew Barth
Matthew Barth
Photo by Linda Gale Gellman
Linda Gale Gellman
Photo by Molly Pratt Cassidy
Molly Pratt Cassidy
Photo by Mike Merzacco
Mike Merzacco
Photo by Mike Shriver
Mike Shriver
Photo by Matthew McCarthy
Matthew McCarthy
Photo by Nick Sonricker
Nick Sonricker
Photo by Lance Claypool
Lance Claypool
Photo by Paul Melohusky
Paul Melohusky
Photo by Paul Rickard
Paul Rickard
Photo by Perry J. Gernold
Perry J. Gernold
Photo by Rachel Lyons
Rachel Lyons
Photo by Richard H. Stamps
Richard H. Stamps
Photo by Robert A. Schultz
Robert A. Schultz
Photo by Robin Connell
Robin Connell
Photo by Scotty Siegel
Scotty Siegel
Photo by Stephen Gabris
Stephen Gabris
Photo by Suzanne Kashuba
Photo by Suzanne Kashuba
Photo by Timothy Clancy
Timothy Clancy
Photo by Tom Kredo
Tom Kredo
Photo by Tucker Mammoser
Tucker Mammoser
Photo by Valerie Mammoser
Valerie Mammoser
Photo by Bob Collignon
Bob Collignon
Photo by Eric Kunsman
Eric Kunsman
Photo by W. Gregg Harris
W. Gregg Harris
Photo by William L. Scheider
William L. Scheider
Photo by Yola Monakhov Stockton
Yola Monakhov Stockton

This competition and exhibition was generously sponsored by William Graebner and Dianne Bennett.