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CEPA is pleased to share the first of 8 video profiles of our 2015 CSA artists. This video features an interview with artist Anne Muntges for CEPA Gallery's innovative Community Supported Art (CSA) program, which commissioned eight Buffalo, NY-based artists to produce fifty “CSA shares” comprised of eight artworks each. Season One of CEPA's CSA features artists: Joel Brenden, Kyle Butler, Fotini Galanes, Megan Metté, Anne Muntges, Stacey Robinson, Marshall Scheuttle, and virocode – an impressive roster of locally-based, emerging artists, practicing in a variety of mediums, all with a national or international exhibition history. [divider] [button link="/community-supported-art-2015/" target="_self" color="highlight"] Visit CEPA's Community Support Art Main Page[/button] [button link="http://www.annemuntges.com" target="_self" color="highlight"] Visit Anne Muntges' Webpage[/button]

In conjunction with the their current exhibition at CEPA Gallery, Gregory Jones, founding editor of In the In-Between sat down with artists Gregory Halpern & Ahndraya Parlato to discuss their work. Gregory Jones: East of the Sun, West of the Moon is a collaborative series between the both of you, and the photographs were all made on the Solstices and Equinoxes of 2012 and 2013. Can you talk about how the idea to collaborate came together, and what made each of you want to pursue this project? Ahndraya Parlatto: The initial idea was mine. I was actually trying to think of a way that Gregory could shoot whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted, but still have some sort of loose cohesion. He was quick to point out that the nature of the project was actually well suited to my work, and so we decided to do it together. I think we were both excited to have a break from what we usually do, and to be forced to take ownership of making images that were ours, but also not entirely so. What I mean by ours, but not entirely so, is that it was important to us that we sort

This summer artist, curator, and writer Vanessa Albury will be joining us as CEPA's visiting artist in residence. In addition to working on one of her recent projects, she'll be spending time engaging with the local arts community, which will include a special set of workshops centered on artist development, as well as an all girl teen summer camp focusing on being a woman in the arts. Vanessa Albury is a Brooklyn-based artist and Nashville, TN native who received her MFA in Studio Art from New York University’s Steinhardt School. She uses analog materials to discuss ephemerality and invites spontaneous occurrences in everyday moments as a means to access the sublime. Her works have been included in group and solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including two solo shows in 2012 A Stilled Cascade of Image at Window Box Gallery (Oslo, Norway) curated by Thale Fastvold and In Waves at Monty ABN (Antwerp, Belgium) curated by Jan Van Woensel. Her most recent group shows include Multiple/ Addition curated by Kathleen Forde at P339 (NYC); Melancholy Lover of a Vanished Space at Silverlens Gallery (Singapore); Subtext Project’s Wish You Were Here at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts (TX); Crystal Pantomime curated