The Odyssey Project

Stephen Siulc, The Odyssey Workshops

The Odyssey Project

CEPA is proud to once again partner with award-winning photojournalist Brendan Bannon on another iteration of The Odyssey Project here in Buffalo.

The Odyssey Project is a 12-week photography workshop that helps returning combat veterans and those with MST to explore the journey home from war through photography, peer support, and mentoring. Beginners are welcome: No experience with photography is necessary. Participants will be provided a camera, journals, and required materials. This program is free for veterans.

How It Works
Using photography, veterans explore and share their homecoming experiences in a supportive, creative environment. Focus is on expression, exploration, and play rather than on the technical aspects of photography.

The Workshop
• Starts with a free weekend retreat at Camp Pioneer in Angola, Friday, September 9-11.
• Meets weekly on Tuesday’s from 6-9PM for a total of 12 weeks.
• Weekly assignments and discussions encourage participants to engage in new ways.

• Camp Pioneer Angola, NY retreat: September 9th –11th, 2022
• Weekly meetings: Tuesdays 6-9 PM through December 10th, 2022
• CEPA Gallery, 617 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

44 veterans in Buffalo and Western New York have taken part in the Odyssey Project
since 2019. They have:
• Trained as photographers, and emerged as dedicated amateurs and professionals
• Launched several photography businesses
• Photos exhibited prominently and featured in The New York Times and NPR
• Prize winners at the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival
• Volunteered their services as photographers to give back to their communities
• Previous participants mentor new participants.

What Participants Say
“I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to commit to 12 weeks, but I found myself so looking forward to class nights. Classes often ran (2 hours) over time, mainly due to everyone enjoying it so much. Photography will allow me to share experiences without having to walk the painful path of saying them.” – Marlene Roll

“It changed my life.” —Michael Thaxton

“Getting into the art was life saving—getting out of isolation.” —Dan Mitchell

We are looking for veterans who:
• Have served in combat or who have MST
• Can commit to a 12-week workshop, including a weekend away from home
• Want to explore their world through photography
• Are in an ongoing therapeutic relationship.

Who We Are
The Odyssey Project was created by award-winning photojournalist Brendan Bannon, who will lead, and teach this workshop. He is working in partnership with CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, NY and the Josephine Herrick Project, a New York-based nonprofit that has been transforming veterans’ lives with photography since World War II.


Above featured photo by Stephen Siulc

Sponsors for The Odyssey Project

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Mid Atlantic Arts Alliance
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