CEPA and Valley Community Association Photography Program

CEPA and Valley Community Association Photography Program

CEPA and the Valley Community Association collaborated on a program working with eight girls to identify positive role models in their lives. After choosing a role model they photographed (learning how to use SLR cameras and strobe lights) them as well as wrote essays as to why they chose that person. The next part of the program focused on the girls themselves. They were asked to take self-portraits (as opposed to selfies), showing what they find most beautiful about themselves, whether inside or out. The program culminated in a reading and exhibit at Valley. Nikki Gorman and Karen Lewis team taught this program. Here are some quotes from their essays:

This project made me realize that me and my dad have a very important relationship. I also realized that I really love photography. I loved being able to take pictures of my dad when he was laughing, to catch him at the right moment so that you really can get a feeling of the picture. I liked writing about all my different role models and narrowing it down. I am very fortunate to have more than one person to pick from. Taking the pictures of my dad really inspired me to think that I might want to be a professional photographer. – Lanessa

This project, this class, they really made me think. About beauty, kindness, and appreciation. It taught me that we have an eye for beauty, that we are all kind. And it showed me that we all have a role model in our lives, a person that we seek guidance from, a person we really trust. – Nina

I found this project very important because it helped me appreciate my sister & other important people in my life. I think this project affected all the girls in my group by showing us to appreciate our role models and that we are all beautiful in our own ways ! I also found this project important because it helped me think of the way I see myself. – Meya

Lauren Tent