CEPA Receives 2015 Artis Exhibition Grant

CEPA Receives 2015 Artis Exhibition Grant

CEPA Gallery is pleased to announce its receipt of a $7,500 grant from the Artis Grant Programs to support CEPA’s forthcoming exhibition, Place Relations: Identity in Contemporary Israeli and Arab Avant-Garde Art.

Place Relations: Identity in Contemporary Israeli and Arab Avant-Garde Art is a two-part exhibition — running back to back and spanning our Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 exhibition seasons — of contemporary avant-garde photographic, video, media installation, and sound art featuring work by Israeli and Arab artists. Functioning as an analog to the current political and cultural divide between Israeli and Arab cultures, this curatorial effort seeks to elaborate, broaden, and humanize one of the most geo-politically charged topics facing our time. Some of the most prominent contemporary artists currently practicing — whose practices, age, and experiences vary broadly — have been selected in order to best illustrate the complex range of experiences within each respective community.

CEPA Gallery Artistic Director and co-curator of the exhibitions David Mitchell remarked, “It is truly a tremendous honor to have been selected for support by Artis. The topic of Israeli/Arab relations has become so reduced by statistical and political analysis that nearly all semblance of humanity or the complex individual character of the current circumstance has been removed. By providing audiences with a collection of diverse and uniquely individual perspectives, we hope to prompt critical engagement and a more honest dialogue. Artis’ willingness to support a project on such a polarized topic is testament to their place as one of the most forward thinking arts foundations in the world.”

An open call from Artis on May 1, 2015 resulted in 252 letters of interest stemming from 29 countries and six continents. Yael Reinharz, Executive Director of Artis, says, “Artis grants are intended to give a substantial platform to artistic voices both within Israel and internationally and within Israel. We are proud to build on our legacy of grants of $1.25 million to over 200 landmark exhibitions and projects in 20 countries with more direct support for artists, exhibitions and international exchange. We are grateful to our anonymous donor, whose $1 million gift will enable Artis to sustain these grants for the next three years.”

Beginning in 2015, Artis expanded its grant program into three categories that include Project Grants, Travel and Research Grants, and Exhibition Grants. The 2015 Grant Programs awarded significant support to 12 international exhibitions — including CEPA Gallery, 11 individual artists working in Israel, and 3 international arts professionals to conduct research in Israel. Grants were awarded in 12 countries across 5 continents. This marks the largest single year of grantmaking in Artis’ history, and CEPA is honored to be included in the prestigious list of grantees.

Thank you Artis Grant Programs!

About Artis
Artis (pronounced ahr-tiz) is an independent nonprofit organization that broadens international awareness and understanding of contemporary visual art from Israel. Since 2004, Artis has awarded over 1.25 million USD in grants to over 200 landmark exhibitions and projects in more than 20 countries. Artis aims to shape global dialogue around contemporary visual art from Israel by supporting artists—regardless of religion, race or ethnicity. We champion innovation, experimentation and artistic excellence, and support freedom of speech and expression for all people. For more information, updates about 2016 grants, or to sign up for Artis’ email list, visit artiscontemporary.org.

Lauren Tent