Martin Kruck, Habitorium

CEPA Gallery Exhibits & Events - Martin Kruck - Habitorium (Regency)

Join us at CEPA Gallery for the opening reception and meet-and-greet with four great artists—Martin Kruck, Tatana Kellner, Insoon Ha, and Adrian Little.

Then, check out four galleries worth of great contemporary photography, media arts, installation and performance art.

MARTIN KRUCK: Artist Statement

My photographic projects often involve multi-layered interpretations of place. This recent series entitled Habitorium makes a study of constructed habitats—those spaces designed to satisfy both the emotional and bodily needs of its occupant. Views of hotels, zoos, museums, parks, and other human and animal environments, are combined to create new scenes that explore the idea of post-naturalistic photography. More enclosures than landscapes, the images tend to reveal how extremely studied life is. Nature and artifice form inversions throughout the series, adding to the uneasy feeling the spaces we inhabit are for test subjects.

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