David Jaan: I See People



CEPA Gallery is pleased to present I See People a selection of works by Buffalo-based boudoir photographer David Jaan. Jaan is one of two artists awarded a solo exhibition by guest juror Rachel Adams as part of the 2016 CEPA Members’ Exhibition. An opening exhibition with the artist will take place on Friday, January 27, 2017 from 7p-10p.

I See People is an ongoing series of images captured in studio over the past year. Each portrait session is handled in the same way. Jaan often explains his process as a conversation between the subject and himself, with the camera serving as intermediary. This intimate process involves Jaan establishing a personal connection with his subject in order to best represent that individual with a vision of who they are in a way that most people don’t get to see. The process involved with creating these images is less an art form and more a matter of being present and existing together in the subjects naturally lit space.

When asked why Jaan photographs his subjects with so little clothing the reason is really quite basic; there’s nowhere to hide. It’s the subject, as they are, in an honest and revealing form. For a long time Jaan avoided referring to his work as “boudoir” out of fear the work would be placed in the same category as the unrecognizable glamour shots most people come to relate it to. By definition, a boudoir is a woman’s bedroom or private space. It is a space of both comfort and vulnerability and photography serves as a means of revealing this oft hidden element of being human.



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