Nick Taylor

Polka Dot Shirt and a New-Wave Jacket
Jean-Michel Basquiat Neg. #24,
edition 6/15, 1979/2003

From the collection of Michael Trego Beam

Value $800


"Hey, I'm Jean-Michel Basquiat."  With a drink and the omni-present
cigarette in his hand, an air of excitement was evident as we danced to the
Iggy Pop song, "Lust for Life."  The dance he was doing was very unique.
Michael Holman would later call it "The Tyrannosaurus Rex" because
Jean-Michel would hold his hands close to his chest, his long legs lunging
toward the nearby dancers and then dropping back.  Jean-Michel had an
incredible hairstyle that resembled a bird's footprint on the top of his
head. In this photograph, he was wearing a polka-dot shirt with a kind of
New-Wave white jacket.