Nick Taylor

Hang' in Out at Pete's Place Jean-Michel Basquiat Neg. #7, edition 6/15, 1979/2003

From the collection of Michael Trego Beam

Value $800


Pete's Place was a French restaurant, in the Village, on East Fifth Street between First and Second avenues. Art critic Rene Ricard was there having after dinner coffee with Lisa Stroud, an early 80s scene maker, and her boyfriend John Lurie of the new-wave jazz band Lounge Lizards.  With them was Danny Rosen, a sixteen year-old New York City would-be jet setter, who was engrossed in a fresh basket of oysters. 

In my memory, I see Vincent Gallo's pork pie hat as he makes an incredible shot at the pool table.  Michael grimaced, as he was about to take his next shot. We were all amazed at Michael's dexterity at the pool table.   He yelled out "boom," and we all followed the eight ball as it clunked into the corner pocket. Numerous artists spent time at Pete's Place.  The creative environment there in the early 80s was a catalyst for young artists like Keith Haring, Julian Schnabel, and Tina Lhotsky.