Reclaiming Buffalo: A Writing with Light Program

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The flagship community arts program for Writing with Light (CEPA’s joint education program with Just Buffalo Literary Center), Reclaiming Buffalo combines photography, computer literacy, and creative writing to inspire students from neighborhoods all over Buffalo to envision and affect positive change for themselves and their communities.

Students begin by photographing something in their neighborhood they would like to see changed—a vacant lot, a dilapidated building, or some other example of urban decay. Using digital graphic design, they are then encouraged to transform the site into whatever they hope for the future—perhaps a well-maintained home, a community business, or a green space. Finally, the students write creative poems and/or essays to give further voice to their vision for reclaiming Buffalo.

In the past, some of the completed work has been presented as bus shelter ads and displayed throughout the City of Buffalo.

For ages 12 to 16.

The Teaching Artists of CEPA

CEPA is privileged to have an incredible group of teaching artists that work with our staff and students through our Arts Education programs. Bringing their passion for teaching, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and true creativity and vision, these artists embrace the notion that creativity is inherent—and that learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Meet CEPA’s Teaching Artists
CEPA Gallery After School Programs - Reclaiming Buffalo: A Writing with Light Program

Bring Reclaiming Buffalo to Your Community

To enroll your student in Reclaiming Buffalo, or to bring any of our after school programs to your community, contact our Education Director Lauren Tent:

Together, we can put together a customized arts program that suits the needs of your students and your budget.

About Writing with Light

For over 25 years, CEPA Gallery and Just Buffalo Literary Center have been leaders in arts education. Writing with Light, an exciting joint education program, ignites imagination through photography and writing through one-on-one attention from professional writers and photographers.

To learn more about Writing with Light, visit

Learn about Writing with Light’s flagship in-school arts program, Picturing Poetry, which inspires students to create photographs and poetry centered around a comprehensive theme.

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