Photography Works: CEPA’s Mentoring Program

CEPA Gallery Community Arts Programs - Photography Works Mentoring Program

CEPA’s mentoring program Photography Works is designed especially for children with a serious interest in photography and are seeking an in-depth learning experience.

10th-grade and 11th-grade students who have already completed a program at CEPA will be eligible to receive mentoring from a CEPA teaching artist, including advanced training and career exposure in various photography-related fields. Learning how to use digital SLR cameras while continuing their film photography and darkroom studies, mentoring students will make visits to local photo studios and have a chance to speak with professionals in the field.

As their training progresses during this 9-month program, Photography Works participants will also have the opportunity to become paid teaching assistants and begin mentoring younger students at CEPA themselves.

Featured CEPA Mentoring Student: Sabrina Marrazzo

Sabrina Marrazzo was introduced to CEPA Gallery’s Summer Photography Art Camp at age 8, sparking her talent and encouraging her to venture off in an independent pursuit of digital photography. She later rejoined in one-on-one mentoring sessions with Education Director Lauren Tent—and Sabrina is now an assistant teaching artist with CEPA Gallery.

Her multiple talents have helped her to win “Best in Show” for charcoal drawings submitted to Pulse magazine, a national award-winning high school magazine; and Orchard Park’s Art Splash, an annual display of student art work. She is currently the photo editor for The Voice, the Orchard Park High School newspaper; photo editor for Orchard Park’s yearbook (which earned her the Herff Jones Award); and freelance photo journalist for Buffalo NewsneXt magazine.

Sabrina has also launched her own photography business, Hello August Photography, producing unique portraits and fine art at a reasonable price.

“Being a student of photography and art opens your eyes to a reality of the world. Sharing a perspective of the world with others helps me to be a better artist, and helps others to find their own perception.”

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The Teaching Artists of CEPA

CEPA is privileged to have an incredible group of teaching artists that work with our staff and students through our Arts Education programs. Bringing their passion for teaching, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and true creativity and vision, these artists embrace the notion that creativity is inherent—and that learning is a lifelong endeavor.

Meet CEPA’s Teaching Artists
CEPA Gallery After School Programs - Photography Works Mentoring Program

How to Enroll in CEPA’s After School Mentoring Program

CEPA hopes to begin running the Photography Works mentoring program in Fall 2014. For more information on how to enroll your child in CEPA’s after school mentoring program, contact our Education Director Lauren Tent:

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