Picturing Poetry: A Writing with Light Program

CEPA Gallery Arts Education - Picturing Poetry: A Writing with Light Program

The flagship program of Writing with Light (CEPA’s joint education program with Just Buffalo Literary Center), Picturing Poetry inspires students to create photographs and poetry centered around a comprehensive theme.

First, students learn the elements of photography from a teaching artist as part of an in-school arts education program. Next, they take home their own black-and-white cameras to practice what they have learned. Once their photos are developed, students exercise their critical thinking skills in selecting their best image. Over the course of multiple writing sessions, students then compose original poems inspired by their photos.

Each project concludes with a special celebration as students present their photographs and poems, sharing their work and accomplishment with the school’s students, teachers, and parents. The inspiring artwork is also displayed as part of an in-school exhibition, centrally located for the entire school community to appreciate, and then later at the annual Writing with Light exhibit at CEPA Gallery.

Focus Gallery: Showcasing Rising Artists

In addition to our exhibits of contemporary photography and other visual arts by established and emerging artists, CEPA hosts a number of student exhibits each year.

The Focus Gallery was created to highlight the work of extraordinary young people connected to CEPA through their love of photography. Today, with the support of CEPA Members and other donations, the Focus Gallery regularly features the work of students from all over our multi-faceted arts education program.

So the next time you’re at CEPA, check out the latest Focus Gallery exhibit—you might just discover the next Alfred Stieglitz or Patricia Layman Bazelon.

Current Exhibits & Events
CEPA Gallery Art Programs in Schools - Picturing Poetry: A Writing with Light Program - Student Exhibit at Focus Gallery

Bring Picturing Poetry to Your School

To bring Picturing Poetry into your school or community, contact our Education Director Lauren Tent:

Together, we can put together a customized arts education program that suits the needs of your students and your school’s budget.

About Writing with Light

For over 25 years, CEPA Gallery and Just Buffalo Literary Center have been leaders in arts education. Writing with Light, an exciting joint education program, ignites imagination through photography and writing through one-on-one attention from professional writers and photographers.

To learn more about Writing with Light, visit www.writingwithlightbuffalo.org.

Find out about Writing with Light’s flagship community arts program, Reclaiming Buffalo, which inspires students from neighborhoods all over Buffalo to envision and affect positive change for themselves and their communities.

Reclaiming Buffalo: A Writing with Light Program

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